Customized Training


We provide customized training to your staff, managers, and leaders.  Below are just a few of the many topics we can offer during a Lunch 'n Learn, Coffee Talk, Seminar, or Workshop.  

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One Hour Training Sessions


Moving from Status Quo to High Performing

Leaders have a choice: stay comfortable  and continue to do business as they always have, or disrupt the status  quo and become a high performing organization. Comfortable is easy, but  it results in just surviving at best. Why do organizations choose to  survive instead of striving for more? Becoming a high performing  organization requires hard work, patience, consistent effort, and risk  taking.   The thought of change brings out a lot of fear!

What is your WOW?

Children love to dream; they look at the world without boundaries and obstacles.  Something changes as we get older; maybe it is reality or fear, and we stop chasing our dreams.  What is holding us back from achieving our WOW?  What would it look like if we starting focusing on our WOW?  

It is All About Culture

Culture is important  because it is the shared values that shapes the behavior in our organizations.  Culture defines everything in an organization beginning with those who are hired,  how we conduct business, make decisions, and treat others.  What is your organization's culture, and does everyone within your organization have the same perception.

Achieving Results Through Effective Communication

Successful organizations, healthy relationships, and effective leadership are a result of strong communication skills.  This session will provide practical tips on improving our communication skills so we can be more effective in our relationships with others.

Leading from Anywhere in the Organization

Leaders exist at every level within an organization.  In fact, the majority of leadership occurs from the middle of the organization.  Middle leaders can influence those above, below, and across the organization.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Based on the book by Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.  Each of the five dysfunctions will be discussed with the objective towards reducing misunderstandings and confusion within the team.